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Subject: DudeThis is a mostly true story 13 years porno girls of man to man sex. If you're not old enough to
read this, please leave. If you're not allowed to read this where you live,
please move. If you don't like this kind of thing, please get a compass and
find your way out of here. Any comments would be appreciated.DudeIn the late `70s, my best friend moved to South Florida, settled down and
fell in love. Every year, usually in late winter when I couldn't stand the
cold any more, I would fly down to visit them. Since they immediately began
playing the old married couple, I would venture out on my own to explore
the bars of Fort Lauderdale.
I was 28, brown hair, brown eyes, 5'10", 145, trim beard, glasses (contacts
when I went out), and not bad looking. Unfortunately, I was also very shy
and very low in self- confidence, which others picked up on when I went
out, so I was usually left alone. I didn't do very well at the Copa or the
Marlin Beach, where everyone was pretty and very young (and more outgoing)
than me. So I went from bar to bar, looking for someplace I could blend in
and feel comfortable. Until I found a place far from the beach just west of
I-95 that was a Levi/Leather bar with the emphasis on Levi. A small place,
a little trashy, good music, peanuts in bedpans on the bar and the floor
covered with 14year child porno image peanut shells. And a dimly lit patio out back 14 year teen naked
that doubled as
a back room on occasion.
No matter what clubs I tried when I went out at night, I always ended up
there. One night, I was feeling especially confident (for me) and daring. I
was wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans, no underwear, showing off
whatever I could, no shirt, and a denim jacket that was just a little too
small. And I was about as tan as my body gets, so I was feeling about as
good about myself as I get. I went up to the bar and caught the eye of the
bartender. He was in his mid-30s, also wearing tight jeans showing off a
lot, no shirt, a leather vest and a very serious look on his face. To be
honest, he was more than a little bit intimidating. On his vest was a name
I ordered a beer and as he brought it and took my money, he reached across
the bar and pinched my left nipple and gave me a smile. I wandered off
around the bar, checking out the crowd. After roaming around the bar and
patio, which was empty, I needed a refill. This time, as Dude gave me my
beer, he reached over the bar, pinched my right nipple and gave me the same
smile. I continued walking around the place, drinking my beer, looking for
someone I might like who might notice me. I saw Dude walk out from behind
the bar and look at me. He nodded in the direction of the patio door and
walked out. I followed him out onto the dimly lit patio and looked around,
but didn't see him. Almost immediately, I felt arms reach around me from
behind. He reached inside my 12 years teens porno jacket and started gently twisting my nipples,
while grinding his crotch into my butt. Then he started nibbling on the
back of my neck.All of a sudden, we weren't alone. Someone was in front of me, unfastening
my jeans. And behind me, I could feel hands fumbling with his jeans behind
my back. Before I knew it, the guy in front of me was kneeling and had my
cock in his mouth. I felt Dude's rock hard dick rubbing against my lower
back. It 16 years erotic nude felt huge as it slid up my ass crack and into my back. Hands
grabbed mine from either side and a hard cock was placed in 16 years mpg
each of them. I
couldn't believe what was happening. In just a couple of minutes, I'd gone
from my usual aimless wandering through the bar, being noticed by no one,
to the center of an incredibly hot group scene. Hot, aggressive Dude was
humping his huge dick against my ass, pinching and twisting my nipples and
alternately biting and sucking my neck. Some complete 14-16 years teen nude stranger had my
increasingly stiff dick down his throat, sucking as hard as he could. And I
was stroking two very ample, very hard dicks, while a half a dozen guys
stood around, watching, half of them with their pants open, pulling on
their own dicks. The feeling of Dude's huge hard-on rubbing up behind me
was driving me crazy. And the suction on my dick was so intense.It was all too much. I felt the pressure building in my balls and starting
shooting in my anonymous friend's mouth. Just then, I felt teens 15 years xxx Dude's hot cum
spurting onto my ass and back. It's 14year child porno image a good thing Dude had his arms around
me or I would have collapsed on the patio. The guys on either side of me
pulled their dicks out of my hands and went off into a corner by
themselves. As Dude pulled his jeans up, he pulled a bar towel from his
back pocket and gently mopped up the sticky mess he had left on my
backside. As the crowd started to disperse, I bent down to pull up my
jeans. Dude gave my butt a hard slap just before I got them up, then walked
back into the building and went back behind the bar. I went inside,
exhausted and thirsty. When I got to the bar, Dude handed me a beer. "On
the house."
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